Any tips on question submission?

The more specific your question, the more specific the answers. If looking for a specific timeframe, specific units of measurement, please include those and any other guidelines for respondents. For multi-part questions, you will likely get more detailed responses by...

Can I save a list of experts in my dashboard?

Yes. Provided it’s included in your Plan, our Bench feature allows you to build a curated team of experts around a topic of interest and save it in your dashboard. Search for experts yourself and add them to the list, or ask us for recommendations on your topic, and...

What can I do with an Expert Bench?

You can submit a Network Pulse that will only be sent to members of the bench rather than having our AI do the matching for your query. You can also send a Pulse Call invitation to members of a bench at the same time.

Can I just schedule a call, without running a Network Pulse?

Yes. Pulse Calls and Network Pulses are separate products. To start a Pulse Call, visit your Pulse Calls page and click [Start] at the top of the page to begin the process. Enter a few keywords relating to your topic and hit [Enter]. Those keywords will be added to...
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