Can I just schedule a call, without running a Network Pulse?

Yes. Pulse Calls and Network Pulses are separate products. To start a Pulse Call, visit your Pulse Calls page and click [Start] at the top of the page to begin the process.

  1. Enter a few keywords relating to your topic and hit [Enter]. Those keywords will be added to the Subject-matter Expertise and Geo-Expertise sections, but you can refine the search even further by adding more tags.
  2. Add Subject Matter tags to refine the search, as well as Geo-Expertise tag(s) to reflect the market(s) or region(s) you’d like to focus on. If your query is global in nature, or doesn’t require specific geographic expertise, this can be left blank.
  3. Matched experts will appear below. Select up to 10 experts from the list of suggestions by clicking [Add to List], then hit [Next].
  4. Enter a title for the call that will allow you to easily recognise the call in your Pulse Calls list. The title will be visible to any expert you invite to the call.
  5. In the Description window write out specifically what you’re hoping to better understand, questions you’re looking to address – anything that can help guide the agenda for the call.
  6. Include 1 or 2 qualifying questions to help vet experts for your specific topic.
  7. If you require an internal project code for accounting purposes, enter it under Project Code. Then click [Next].
  8. Select your preferred dates/times, tell us whether you authorise Enquire AI to record and transcribe your call, review and submit.

Experts will revert with answers to your qualifying questions and their availability for a call. Once you decide whom you’d like to speak with, you will click on that expert to confirm the call, and each of you will receive a calendar confirmation with a call link for the agreed time.

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