The Benefits and Applications of Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

What are the benefits and applications of rechargeable Li-ion batteries?

Anders T.
Bergen, Norway

“Rechargeable batteries are key to the transition to a sustainable future – their combination of energy storage and power capabilities makes them very suitable in small-to-medium sized vehicles for mobility as well as larger energy storage systems. Further, I believe that over the next decade, we will see the emergence of new, more abundant raw materials with properties that will expand their use in heavy industries, for arbitrage in the energy sector and in power back-up systems currently relying on fossil spinning reserves.

For this to succeed, a greater focus on lifetime and inherent safety will be necessary in addition to improving the production process to minimize energy and environmental footprints. There is plenty of renewable energy to be harvested, but we still have not found good ways of storing that energy; here lies the biggest potential for energy storage devices. ”

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