Pulse Platform


A top-20 growth equity fund with a B2B technology focus

Pain Points

  • Identifying, understanding and right-sizing KPI’s for cutting edge technology companies – either to get a better understanding of the best new ways to measure performance or to better track performance in relatively early stage markets.
  • Market sizing and competitive landscape research in new and emerging technology spaces.

Sample Challenge

By sampling the expertise of industry veterans in the digital marketing space, the fund’s growth equity team needed to identify new metrics for assessing the impact of modern digital marketing technology and the companies making the most effective use of these new tools.


Network Pulse allowed the client to pose a series of specific questions and attain a range of perspectives and analyses from qualified experts, anonymously, in the field of interest. In this instance, Network Pulse delivered responses from 26 experts during the 24-hour period the question remained open.

Sample Background of Respondents

The expert is the Founder & CEO of a marketing, advertising, and startup business consultancy.

Product Benefits

Full-Spectrum Knowledge

With 26 responses over the course of 24 hours, such a range of experts provided the client with marketing, investor, and academic perspectives, giving them a deep and well-rounded understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the space.

Better Investment Decisions

Insights from key thought leaders helped our client evaluate the viability of the market opportunity and inform their decision to move ahead with the potential capital investment.

Intelligent Sourcing

Network Pulse’s ability to gather insights from an array of relevant experts on a given subject not only provides valuable content up-front, but also presents a crucial screening tool through its selection of experts from which the client may choose from if a deeper dive is required in the form of an interview or custom report.

Where are they now?

The client now uses Network Pulse on a regular basis, asking multiple questions per week on topics including frameworks for assessing the TAM size of companies in the contract management space, metrics to measure the effectiveness of a company’s spend on brand marketing, and the best metrics to monitor the success of an e-commerce cosmetics business.

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