Pulse API


A technology focused research and data platform, providing MNCs, financial institutions, and consultancies with analyses on companies, industries, and M&A deals

Pain Points

  • Being able to efficiently provide reliable context, insights, and information on a rapidly expanding but highly focused set of micro-industries and technology issue areas across global markets
  • Developing country and region-specific trends for nascent technology markets and products where focused local subject-matter experts are difficult to engage
  • Providing users real-time insights during breaking or live events

Sample Challenge

As part of its year ahead thought leadership and research efforts, the client needed context and insight across two dozen micro-industries and five major geographies/regions. The effort required industry-specific, local context, trend analysis, and forecasting with an extremely short turnaround time to meet their internal publishing deadline.


Using our proprietary Pulse Platform, we were able to individually match geographic, thematic, and industry-specific experts to over 200 separate Network Pulse questions over the course of four days. Within 24 hours of each question being asked, the client received a robust set of responses from qualified experts at cost.

Product Benefits


Over the course of four days, the client was able to engage with more than 1,500 subject-matter experts, taking advantage of quick hitting, digestible insights across 46 industries and 82 countries.


After the client submitted the questions to our system, no more work was required. Our technology matched each query to a comprehensive field of experts and solicited a thorough range of responses that could be incorporated directly into the client’s existing research workflow.


The client used the context and insights the Enquire platform provided to directly inform their outlook for the year ahead and deliver targeted forecasts for a range of critical industries, based on unique and focused insights, to their clients.

Where are they now?

The client remains an active user of the platform, asking Network Pulse questions on a daily basis to gather data and better understand a diverse set of topics, including the market for mobile subscriptions in Southeast Asia, project management pain points in the pharmaceutical industry, and how President Biden’s administration will affect the 5G industry in China. A full roll-out of the Pulse API integration launched in June 2021 to over 20,000 customers.

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