Our Products & How They Work

Network Pulse is our patented Q&A product that allows clients to ask any question they’d like on any industry or geography and receive answers from the best-matched experts in minutes. Once a question is run via the platform, our AI-driven multifactor algorithm identifies the experts best placed to provide tailored, actionable analysis in 250 words, which arrives directly in the client’s dashboard within minutes. From here, clients can assess answers according to the experts’ professional background and platform ratings, go deeper with an expert of their choice on a Pulse Call, or collaborate on a Pulse Project. We have made this insights journey uniquely empowering and seamless for the client by integrating it into their established workflows for data gathering, including via our API.

Our other products — currently in late-stage development — allow clients to curate their own collections (using our proprietary API) of experts on any given topic and reach out to them directly via the platform.

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Our patented AI-powered insights engine provides our clients with a comprehensive toolkit to easily discover, validate and leverage expert knowledge from inside or outside their organizations in real-time.