The Postitive Impact of Machine Learning Tools on E-Commerce Brands

“I believe conversational commerce empowered with machine learning tools still has an untapped potential for e-commerce. E-commerce is 24/7 in categories that need customer support; and we definitely need robots that sound and feel like humans to support customer’s decision making more than ever.

Moreover, live chat with store staff for online customers is also a great potential. Using the retail advantages of omnichannel is very important and has a great impact on sales. This way, customers feel more confident in decision-making when they speak to a real store/showroom staff and this increases the probability of selling products online, especially more expensive luxury products.

The latest trends show that it’s not products or prices that have the biggest impact on conversion but, instead, it’s the positive customer experience a brand delivers. Data shows that over 80% of customers are willing to pay more for getting a better experience. Therefore, digital technology companies should concentrate more on building platforms that allow live chat and conversational commerce.”

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