A global strategy unit at a ‘Big 4’ consulting and professional services firm, with team members in multiple offices servicing internal partners in locations around the world on behalf of a wide ranging group of industry and investment organizations.

Pain Points

  • Improving collaboration across locations and business units
  • Better leveraging the existing knowledge resources within the firm, identifying gaps in knowledge services, and effectively addressing those needs in a centralized location
  • Aligning incentives to promote cross-business engagement
  • Identifying and deploying internal talent, knowledge, and expertise more effectively on behalf of clients
  • Having a measurable and efficient mechanism to identify external expertise and knowledge gaps

Sample Challenge

The international consulting firm needs a tool to identify, locate, and engage remote workers to gather knowledge and expertise, while turning to outside experts/consultants only when internal knowledge gaps emerge.


By implementing Enquire’s enterprise software for knowledge management and discovery, the client will be able to create a streamlined model for identifying internal employees with specific knowledge and to optimize the knowledge management process within their organization. Our technology will allow consultants within the firm to collaborate with each other on proposal writing and project implementation across office locations, enabling teams to ask specific questions and receive real-time insights with no additional cost. In addition, consultants will have a seamless “off ramp” to external experts to fill knowledge gaps.

Product Benefits


We provide a real-time solution to the difficulties of sharing knowledge and insights across different departments and teams at a large organization. Time spent identifying, engaging, and onboarding additional resources, even if they are internal, can create significant delays in delivering results. Our insights software helps organizations access information immediately so that businesses do not have to wait to start making more effective decisions.

Maximize Utilization of Internal Assets

Developing and deploying a more effective taxonomy and ontology for an organization’s existing issue expertise and skills has several benefits. Employees can showcase and promote their own individual value-add more effectively and find new ways to contribute to a wider range of projects and initiatives. The organization can more effectively and proactively identify opportunities to improve utilization of existing professional staff at all levels.

Cost Effective

Our tools allow the client to more effectively deploy internal talent to meet their clients’ needs, driving both successful engagements and higher utilization rates. Moreover, identifying gaps in capabilities and skill sets allows the client to manage surge requirements and bench strength more transparently by tapping into the Pulse Platform.

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Our patented AI-powered insights engine provides our clients with a comprehensive toolkit to easily discover, validate and leverage expert knowledge from inside or outside their organizations in real-time.