How is Enquire different from other platforms and expert networks?

With all due respect to our peers, our platform differs on two important counts: First, the entirety of our online network is readily available and open to the client’s view, enabling the client to access our network independently to invite experts for calls or other projects . Therefore, there are far more instances in which a client can reach out to experts directly, rather than going through the proverbial “middleman.” We are confident that you have a higher likelihood of connecting with a client through Enquire than any competitor platform.

Second, our flagship Q&A product, Network Pulse, allows experts to immediately showcase their profiles and expertise to clients who are reviewing the answers to their Network Pulse. Besides offering experts frequent and direct visibility to clients, Network Pulse also allows them to be compensated up to 35 USD for a short-response that takes an average of 5-10 minutes to write — all which happens on the expert’s own time.

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Our patented AI-powered insights engine provides our clients with a comprehensive toolkit to easily discover, validate and leverage expert knowledge from inside or outside their organizations in real-time.