How does NetworkPulse work?

The client types up a question, which typically consists of a few short sentences spread across no more than 3 subparts. Then, after selecting the relevant keywords denoting regional relevance, expertise, industry segment and more – the client runs the question through the platform. Our proprietary algorithm matches the tags of the question with those attached to the profiles of our in-network experts. Further, the AI also uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to match the words in the question with lines/sentences/phrases in the bios of experts. The matched experts then receive an email directing them to the question and encouraging them to reply.

Upon viewing the question, the experts can type up an answer to the question in less than 800 characters. When the experts submit their response,  the algorithm automatically screens the text for any plagiarism, grammar, or any other errors. Once approved, the responses show up on the client’s dashboard. The client then has the option to follow up with selected experts with a call or deeper-level engagement.

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Our patented AI-powered insights engine provides our clients with a comprehensive toolkit to easily discover, validate and leverage expert knowledge from inside or outside their organizations in real-time.