How do I submit a Network Pulse?

  1. Login to the Enquire AI platform and navigate to Network Pulses in the main menu. Click the [Start] button to begin your question.
  2. Enter a title that reflects the topic and geography your question pertains to.
  3. Type in a detailed targeted question for experts to answer. Our AI will generate keywords (or “tags”) based on the content of your question that will be used to match the best experts. We recommend keeping your question focused on a specific topic to receive the best results. See Any tips on question submission? for more help.
  4. Under Choose all relevant keywords, select  the tags generated by our AI that match the expertise you wish the expert to have.
  5. Type in the input box to add any Geo-Expertise tags that reflect the market(s) or region(s) you’d like to focus on. If your query is global in nature, or doesn’t require specific geographic expertise, this can be left blank.
  6. Type in the input box to add any missing Subject-matter Expertise tags that best reflect the topics that experts should be knowledgeable about to answer your question.
  7. Review your question and tags, and hit [Submit].

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