How do I get my profile approved on Enquire?

To join our high-quality network of experts, we have laid out some tips, below, to get your profile approved expeditiously on Enquire. Remember, the completeness of your profile impacts your visibility to and matching with projects on our platform. It also improves the credibility signalling of your background.

Sign up and fill all the required fields on your profile

The obvious. Fill in all the required fields as specified at the top of each section. Our magic algorithm closely learns from all aspects of profiles to ensure you are maximally engaged on the platform. What’s more, required details directly feed into our compliance architecture so that we can ensure you, our network, and clients securely and ethically collaborate. 

Add all your education and employment history

Where you learned your craft. Include your college degrees, employment history and other project or creative experience  We also frequently onboard experts who have not attended college and yet built thriving companies, organizations, and overall careers at the forefront of their sector. In such cases, please ensure your employment background and bio reflect your accomplishments. We closely vet all backgrounds. 

Fill out your short bio

Here is where you can really shine. In 2-3 succinct paragraphs, detail your professional story. This section is an important differentiator for you to illustrate credibility as well as explain specific metrics, awards, achievements and more within your professional background to our clients. Put simply, answer the question: How did you gain expertise in your field? What makes your practice innovative and/or unique?

List all your relevant expertise 

Help us best support you. List your geo-expertise and subject matter expertise using the tags available on our platform. These tags are heavily weighed in our algorithm as it matches you with the most relevant projects. We suggest that you prioritize depth (not breadth) of expertise to avoid spreading yourself thin on speciality areas. You are allowed up to 6 tags in each category. In order to enable clients to directly search for NGFP network members, we have created an exclusive tag— #NGFPFellows. Please make sure that you use this tag in your profile so that you are easily identifiable in our algorithm for any specific opportunities. 

Our Platform Solutions team is available to assist with your profile building if you’d like, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

And, welcome to Enquire!

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