Digital Trends on Financial Planning

What are some of the digital trends that help us to realize the value of financial planning?

Sunil S.

“The following trends have emerged recently:

  1. Hedge Against Inflation – Investment Strategies: Energy / Gold / Real Estates asset classes are doing well in the present scenario.
  2. Private Equity, Cryptocurrency, and Digital Assets need to be part of a Wealth Management Portfolio.
  3. ESG considerations play a big role in the finalization of investment strategy and the role will continue to expand.
  4. The optimal utilization of unstructured big data from various channels is crucial in facilitating effective decisions to maximize ROI and optimize financial strategy.
  5. Wealth management companies are focusing on Generational Wealth Transfers / fee compression and accepting that Hybrid Work will be a permanent Wealth Management Work Culture.
  6. Connected Insights / Product Profitability Analytics / Scenario Planning are being used increasingly. ”


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