UK Legal Team Seeks U.S. Sanctions Expertise


When the legal team involved in a multi-billion-dollar oil and gas arbitration case in the UK determined that a very specific set of government expertise could strengthen their case, Enquire AI stepped in to deliver – in record time.

UK Legal Team Seeks U.S. Sanctions Expertise

The legal team for a regional oil and gas company recently approached Enquire AI for help securing expertise and managing risk associated with an ongoing multi-billion-dollar arbitration case. The team had concluded that the case could be strengthened through the expertise of a U.S. government official who had a specific background pertaining to the U.S. sanctions regime, its inner workings, and politics. Furthermore, the team was looking for expertise gained working in a particular administration during a fixed time window.

Enquire AI’s Solution Simplifies Expert Search

Every minute lost in a multi-billion-dollar arbitration significantly impacts the bottom line for any company or legal team. Legal teams risk wasted money and time searching for the right expertise not to mention the reputational and disruption costs of a bad expert hire.

While most expertise searches can require manual research, multiple discussions or phone calls, and significant upfront expense, our intelligent platform delivers best fit expertise in minutes. The company’s legal team approached Enquire AI due to this unique ability to find niche expertise quickly leveraging patented artificial intelligence models and our prebuilt network of 55k global experts and growing.

In this specific situation, Enquire AI identified, profiled, and delivered five candidates to the legal team within two weeks. The candidates included senior officials from the U.S. Departments of Treasury, Commerce, and State, as well as the White House and National Security Council.

Securing the Right Arbitration Expertise

Once experts are profiled and validated for any Enquire AI client, there are many options for further engaging and vetting those experts. In this situation, our legal client chose to interview each of the candidates on a one-hour call to further narrow down the candidate pool. After the legal team made their selection, the team at Enquire AI was able to facilitate and negotiate a successful SOW between both parties. The relationship continues today and is positively impacting the outcome of this high-stakes arbitration.

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