Risk Team for a Top-5 Bank Needed to Understand Implications of a New IMF Agreement in Costa Rica



A global country risk team with offices in 10+ countries and responsibility for monitoring the exposure of the global assets for a top-5 bank

Pain Points

  • Despite a global profile, gathering reliable information for countries where the client does not have a footprint remains a challenge, particularly with travel curtailed due to Covid.
  • The client needs a cost-effective way of providing depth and breadth of coverage to an analyst team with siloed regional and country coverage areas. Most “one-size-fits-all” solutions were either cost-prohibitive or lacked consistent quality.
  • Individual team members consume and engage with information resources very differently.

Sample Challenge

Understanding the run up to a significant agreement with the IMF for Costa Rica in 2021 is critical, but the details, timing, and impact of an agreement are all still being determined. The client needed to develop contingency plans for adjusting its exposure but required a cross-section of perspectives to appropriately understand all realistic scenarios related to the IMF agreement in the country.


By posing a question to Enquire’s experts through our Network Pulse tool, the bank’s Director of Country Risk was able to gather information on the specific stances of both the IMF and Costa Rica, providing a comprehensive overview of the local situation.

Sample Background of Respondents

The expert is currently a Research Consultant at an organization promoting private capital investment in Latin America, but previously worked as a Consultant at the World Bank and Researcher at the IMF. He holds a Master’s in International Relations from Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Product Benefits


Our Pulse Platform allowed the client to gain unique perspectives and context in real time, which helped inform their guidance on asset allocation strategies.

Diverse Sample of Experts

The client was provided with insights from an array of local experts, including policy analysts, management consultants, academics, and investment bankers.


Our matching algorithm sent the client’s question out to the most relevant experts in our network and returned 9 answers, 7 of which were provided in under 30 minutes.

Where are they now?

Understanding the distinct advantage our Pulse Platform provides, the client has added more than 25 user accounts for its employees and uses Network Pulse on a regular basis.

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