Hedge Fund Wants Access to Investment-Specific Insights Faster


London-based hedge fund with a global macro mandate

Pain Points

  • Constant, dynamic investment decision-making requires accurate, actionable information in a short period of time — traditional expert networks take too long.
  • Balancing speed with local context and credibility can be challenging, especially in emerging and frontier markets.

Sample Challenge

The Research Department needed to identify midcap, local companies in China and/or Hong Kong that were best positioned to take advantage of local growth dynamics in the near-term.


The fund’s Head of Research was able to utilize our Network Pulse product to put his specific question about local companies in front of experts both on the ground in the country/region and with direct knowledge of local dynamics.

Sample Background of Respondents

One response came from a Senior Researcher and Consultant at a leading Japanese Consulting Firm, former Global Equity Trading Analyst at Top 5 Investment Bank, and holds a Master’s in Decision Science and Technology from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Product Benefits


Our technology allowed the client to gain fresh perspectives and context in real time on a dynamic issue that was central to their investment thesis.


The client was able to ask a question about companies set to grow in China and/or Hong Kong and view answers from a total of 7 local experts as they began to accumulate directly on the client’s dashboard within 90 minutes of the question being posted, allowing the client to quickly conduct first cut due diligence and additional technical research.

Cost Effective

The solution was provided at a fraction of the cost of a comparable engagement and did not require the client to spend additional bandwidth and energy developing new local sources.

Where are they now?

The client remains an active user of the platform, asking Network Pulse questions on a daily basis to gather data and better understand a diverse set of topics, including the market for mobile subscriptions in Southeast Asia, project management pain points in the pharmaceutical industry, and how President Biden’s administration will affect the 5G industry in China.

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