Global Consultancy Firm Uses Enquire AI to Expand Analyst Network

Client Summary

A new consulting firm turned to our team at Enquire AI to expand their organization’s knowledge resources via our Pulse Marketplace solution. The team is currently leveraging our technology-based expert network to gain quick, relevant, diverse, and authoritative macroeconomic and geopolitical insights.

Expertise Without Elevated Staffing

The goal of this new consulting firm was to help build resilient and adaptable global strategies amidst the dynamic geopolitical and macroeconomic landscape. Our client knew that it would take time to build up their own internal team, so they turned to Enquire AI.

Turning to Enquire AI enabled the company to launch these capabilities quickly while maintaining lean staff levels. Also, with access to an external network of experts across the globe, our Pulse Marketplace solution provides a much broader view and a more extensive level of expertise than can be quickly attained with in-house resources.

Deeper, Diverse, and More Comprehensive Insights

Often, the client’s consultants field queries about geographies or subject matter in which they do not have adequate experience, context, or expertise. Trying to locate answers to these queries can waste time and put opportunities at risk. But with the Pulse Marketplace solution, the consultants are connected to the right experts for fast insights.

“Just like big data was a game changer for analytics and consulting divisions, the next phase is focused on the qualitative side of information delivery,” said senior leadership of the consulting division. “Being able to add a qualitative perspective to vast amounts of data to help make that data useful to consulting and analytics teams is critical to our success.”

The company is taking its relationship with Enquire AI further by exploring the “Bench” feature of the Pulse Marketplace solution which allows organizations to build a curated team of experts around a topic of interest, bookmark topics and experts, or even ask for expertise recommendations.

If you’d like to explore how our solutions can help you achieve your business objectives, reach out today to learn more or see a demo of our Pulse Marketplace solution.

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