Asset Manager Needed to Understand the Risk Assessment for a Policy Shift in Latin America


A portfolio manager at a New York City-based asset manager focused on emerging markets fixed income investments

Pain Points

  • Reliable information resources and analysis on less developed and less well-covered global markets can be difficult to find.
  • Turn-around time can be a challenge, particularly when events on the ground require frequent updates.
  • Country focus and interest can shift quickly, and the client doesn’t require global coverage all the time. Focused coverage on a specific set of issues is critical, but often comes with the cost of other resources that are under-utilized.

Sample Challenge

A potential shift in a significant policy position in Colombia would have a dramatic impact on the Portfolio Manager’s forecast and risk assessment for the country, particularly for the energy sector and sovereign debt. The client required local and regional forecasts for the potential shift in VAT policy as well as help understanding the size of the potential impact on key areas of the country’s economy in order to update their current exposure.


Network Pulse enabled the client to attain a range of perspectives and analyses from a total of 6 experts in the region qualified to provide insights into the government’s decision to accelerate the VAT. Within 20 minutes of the question being posted, the client began to receive answers on their dashboard and was able to establish a more rounded understanding of the likely implementation scenarios.

Sample Background of Respondents

The expert is a Director at a Columbian Risk Analysis & Intelligence firm and Adjunct Professor at top Columbian Business School, and holds a Master’s in International Economics & International Relations from Johns Hopkins SAIS

Product Benefits


Our matching algorithm sent the client’s question out to the most relevant experts in our network and returned numerous, actionable responses, with the first answer coming in 20 minutes after the question was posted.

Diverse Sample of Experts

The client was provided with insights from an array of local experts, including macroeconomists, university professors, journalists, risk analysts, and research consultants.

Trusted Expertise

Our experts are vetted and verified by our Platform Solutions team and pass regular compliance checks throughout the year.

Where are they now?

The client now uses a mix of Network Pulse and Pulse Calls to address both forward-looking research initiatives and event risk analyses.

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