A Consulting Firm Needed to Understand Data Challenges for a Client Operating in China


A top-4 consulting firm with a global footprint, working specifically with their internal macro strategy team and operating across traditional business units

Pain Points

  • The client’s team is structured to run lean and agile, and as a result, they are asked to cover a large and diverse set of topics with a relatively small group of people – bandwidth and subject-matter expertise are limited.
  • Information needs require flexible delivery and formatting based on individual client and project requirements.

Sample Challenge

The firm’s geo-strategy team required a thorough understanding of data and IT related challenges, specifically for a US company considering expanding operations into China.


The topic required a multidisciplinary approach and perspectives from multiple geographies. It also raised the potential need for both short-term idea generation and deeper dive follow up discussions. The client was able to use Network Pulse to sample both industry and geographic intelligence to expand their understanding of the issue. They followed this by setting up 1×1 briefings with key experts on several granular sub-issues that were identified and of particular significance to the client.

Sample Background of Respondents

  • The expert is the CEO of a family office and a former MNC Executive and China Manager in the pharmaceutical industry. He earned both a MD and MBA from Harvard University.
  • The expert is the Managing Director of an international Human Resources advisory firm and former Director of Asia Pacific Region for Honeywell International. He received an MBA from the Xavier School of Management.

Product Benefits

Fully Transparent

Our network is fully searchable, allowing the client to view a full profile with a bio, updated and compliance-checked employment history, and education.

Seamless User Experience

Our Network Pulse product allowed the client to run a question, gain several insights, and then pick an expert and seamlessly schedule and execute 1:1 phone consultations directly through our platform.


A total of 22 answers to the client’s question began to accumulate within an hour, and phone calls were able to be scheduled immediately from the client’s dashboard.

Where are they now?

The client now uses Network Pulse on a regular basis to source multiple insights and assess different kinds of regulatory and political risks, including topics ranging from the geopolitics impacting potash production to the Biden administration’s likely effect on policies related to food and agriculture, as well as the industrial sector.

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