How do I write a good summary bio?

Your profile summary is where you get to shine. You can elaborate on your background and experiences in a way that goes beyond a chronological list of companies and job titles. We have seen that clients prefer to engage with experts who have a profile summary, especially when it comes to our high-value engagements —such as calls (avg. comp $350/hour) and reports (average comp $1000 for a 2-page brief). A profile summary offers you the opportunity to combine your work experience, past and ongoing projects, and education into an elevator pitch of your expertise for the client. You have 1500 characters (i.e. 2-3 short paragraphs) to convey your core, actionable strengths (regional and/or subject matter).

A few tips to keep in mind: 

  • It should be written in the FIRST PERSON.
  • We encourage you to add the year that you completed your undergraduate degree to ensure you receive fair compensation for your engagements. However, please do not worry if you are unable to provide this. 
  • Follow our client’s compliance requirements, please provide your location and year of birth.
  • Start off with a straightforward sentence descriptive of your expertise — a very pointed and clean section articulating the core of your expertise.
  • Include further details on the key areas of your professional experience, education, memberships, projects and/or publications that objectively position you as an expert. You do not need to list all your achievements – highlight only the top ones that supplement your core area of expertise. 
  • In short, you want to provide any supporting information that helps clarify your expertise and skillsets beyond just your work history and educational background. Ask yourself: “what information can I share that illustrates that I have communicated my insights to a range of audiences, especially the private sector?”
  • Quantification is important wherever possible: “25 years’ experience in industry X”, “Have spent 10 years working with governments/companies in region Y,” etc.

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