Compliance Overview

The Enquire compliance approach is designed to provide clients with a platform in which they can monitor and manage compliance in a real-time and active manner. Client use of the platform services are auditable, transparent, and designed to protect both clients and experts. Our systems and compliance tools help experts identify and manage conflicts and allow our clients to customize project criteria to meet their internal requirements and protocols. Enquire appreciates compliance is an integral component of the platform’s use and we are committed to the highest standards of ethical and trustworthy consultation. Should you have any questions or want to learn more about our evolving compliance structure, please email


As a condition of eligibility for participation on the Enquire platform, Enquire requires experts to sign, and annually re-sign, our Terms of Service. By signing, experts agree that they:

  • Are not restricted by any agreements or policies to which they are subject and are permitted to participate as an expert on Enquire’s platform;
  • Will decline to participate in any project that would violate those agreements or any conflicts with third parties;
  • Will not provide confidential (including material non-public) information to clients in any form;
  • Will always keep client interests and information confidential as per the platform’s Privacy Policy; and
  • Will immediately terminate any project in which client requests subject matters they cannot discuss, such as confidential information (in which case, if the expert notifies us, they are entitled to payment for time spent).

View the current Terms of Service.


In addition to our on-boarding and eligibility requirement of signing our Terms of Service, experts must take and pass a compliance test to measure their understanding and knowledge of what is permissible on the platform. Areas of focus include conflicts, confidentiality and privacy, restricted subject matter, communications between experts and clients, the role of the expert and work product and content rights.

The Terms of Service explains what constitutes “confidential information,” highlights to experts any confidentiality obligations they may have and emphasizes that our clients do not want and will be harmed if they receive confidential information.

Finally, the Terms of Service agreement identifies the nature of conflicts that may exist. This guidance helps experts review potential conflicts prior to each engagement and is used to determine if an expert is disqualified from a project.

We are aware and focused on the need for clients to have an active role in compliance oversight. We encourage clients to customize these parameters for use to reflect their individual compliance features, provide real time monitoring of projects, and post project reviews of usage and content. Our web-based compliance tools allow clients to customize control features such as pre-clearance of calls, restrict content or companies, limit number of contacts with a specific expert and include their own questions to screen expert selection for a project. Should you have any questions or want to learn more about our evolving compliance structure please email

Enquire understands employees of companies may need to be treated differently than independent consultants. First, employed experts are prohibited from participating in projects about their employer. Additionally, companies may have policies that prohibit outside consulting. Enquire actively reviews publicly available corporate policies to identify such companies. We then screen experts during on boarding for eligibility and enforce company policies that prohibit employee consultation. Employers can inform us of their policies regarding outside consulting restrictions. Feel free to do so via email at

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