Why is my account suspended?

We hold our experts and our content to an incredibly high standard so that people across the globe can trust Enquire.ai as a place to share knowledge and gather insights. Accounts can be suspended for violating one or more of the following criteria:

  • Failing to adhere to Enquire.ai’s compliance standards.
  • Using inappropriate language (i.e. obscenities and vulgarities)
  • Posing as an expert in a field unrelated to your relevant expertise (i.e. manipulating your tags or bio to access more questions)
  • Plagiarizing material (i.e. directly copy-pasting from elsewhere without citation or reference)
  • Consistently (five times or more) receiving a poor rating (1-2 stars) for  consultations
  • Failing to meet the minimum work experience and/or academic credentials required to qualify as an expert (i.e. typically must have at least an undergraduate degree together with at least 5 years of qualifying professional experience in your area of expertise).

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