3 Easy Ways to Use Our Expert Network to Power Business Insights

Our clients use Enquire AI’s Pulse Marketplace platform to get expert answers in minutes for research and insights needed across dozens of different industries and geographies. Below are examples from three industries that experienced a high number of queries over the past year to get you thinking about how you might better leverage this powerful tool.

These search examples also provide insight into what industry leaders are exploring and thinking about for their organizations and the future.

  1. Energy

Topic: Electric Vehicle Adoption


Are rising electricity prices in Europe and the US slowing down adoption rates of electric vehicles? Are government incentives (such as the US Climate Bill) leading to increased investments thus helping lower production costs and the overall cost of the vehicles that will encourage adoption despite higher electric prices?

Read the experts’ answers here.

  1. Financial Services

 Topic: Crypto


What is the medium-term fallout from the crypto market downturn? How does this change the outlook for DeFi regulation? Do you believe regulation will help prevent risks like Terra Luna and Celsius?

Read the experts’ answers here.

  1. Geopolitics

 Topic: Russia-Ukraine Economic Impacts


In the event that Russia’s gas supply to the EU is cut off, what other alternatives will European policymakers have at their disposal, other than blackouts and energy conservation?

Read the experts’ answers here.

With Pulse Marketplace, you can connect to the right experts to answer your question. Just ask and you can get a wide range of insights within minutes—giving you the insights you need to better inform your decision-making.

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